No Pokies For Euroa!

No Pokies for Euroa!

“No Pokies for Euroa!” is a community group opposed to the introduction of poker machines into Euroa, because of the multiple negative effects, both social and economic, caused by gambling addiction. The group formed in response to a proposal by the owners of the Euroa Hotel to install 30 poker machines to pay for the planned re-development of the hotel. The hotel refurbishment is welcomed by the group; the opposition to the proposal is based purely on the weight of evidence that demonstrates the adverse effects of gambling and gambling addictions on a disadvantaged community.

The “No Pokies for Euroa!” group supports progressive and positive business development in the town. Recent new innovative business enterprises, including Harper and Morphet, Fare Enough, Sheila Inc. The Weekend Local, are all highly successful businesses providing employment for Euroa’s youth. We fully support sustainable and socially responsible enterprises, but oppose this development because it will exploit the vulnerable in our community.

Dr. Malcolm Altson, one of 38 objectors who lodged a formal objection to the Strathbogie Shire Council in November 2013, and the “No Pokies for Euroa!” group have joined forces to ask the Council to review their decision, and if that can’t be done, Dr Altson has indicated he will fight the Council at VCAT. The Shire of Strathbogie continue to refuse to conduct a plebiscite ( vote ) on this issue.

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EUROA’S COMMUNITY WON   VCAT has agreed with ‘No Pokies for Euroa’ that the Euroa Hotel is not a suitable location for poker machines and has overturned the permit approval that the Shire of Strathbogie gave to the hotel.   THERE WILL BE NO POKIES IN EUROA!   What a victory for ordinary people of […]

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  • ABC News: Small country town fights council’s decision to approve poker machines

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Gambling addiction linked to 128 suicides in Victoria Friday 20 September 2013 17.40 AEST Report sparks renewed calls for $1 bet limits, as anti-gambling campaigners lambast Coalition for pandering to pokie lobbyists Gambling addiction was a contributing factor in nearly 130 suicides in Victoria over the past decade, according to figures released by the […]

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